Design Info

Design Info

Which teething toy?

Every Helles Teeth teething toy is designed to last through all teething stages from 3 months through til 3 years (and beyond), but some designs are more age-specific than others. Please remember that all babies develop at different stages, this is a guide only for your baby to get the most out of your purchase.


Young babies (3m+) - first teeth - design features for developing co-ordination, easy grip and textured surfaces for gumming

Babies (6m+) - front teeth to eye teeth - design features for easy grip and textured surfaces for gumming and cutting teeth, reaches eye teeth

Toddlers (1 yr +) - front teeth to back molars - design features for co-ordinated grasp, thick/dense areas to withstand aggressive biting, protrusions to reach back molars.  Also suitable for older children with extra sensory needs.  (Please note: Jormungandr/Serpent toy cannot reach molars, but is our densest and most durable toy for older children)